Feb 192009

Both of our regional tournaments are approaching very quickly, with the Eastern Regional tournament taking place on Sat., Feb. 28, and the Western Regional tournament taking place on Sat., Mar. 7. We’re looking forward to seeing all teams’ creativity, problem-solving and teamwork skills as they show off their solutions to Team Challenges and Instant Challenges.

Whether this is your first year of participation, or you are a long-time participant, you are sure to have many questions, so hopefully this post will answer them.


  • The 2009 Eastern Regional tournament schedule has just been released. Please review it to make sure your team is listed in the correct Challenge and level. If you notice an error, please send an email right away to judynolan@aol.com. To view the schedule, click here.
  • The 2009 Western Regional tournament schedule will be released about a week before the tournament. Team Managers and Coordinators will be notified by e-mail.
  • When a tournament schedule is released, it is FINAL. The deadline for special requests is Feb. 18 for the Eastern regional, and Feb. 25 for the Western regional. If you do not submit your request by these deadlines, you do have the option of contacting another team in your challenge and in your level to exchange times. However, this exchange will only be honored if we hear from both teams BEFORE the tournament. Send this information to: askcre8iowa@cre8iowa.org.
  • Closing Ceremonies begins at approximately 4:00 p.m., when all of the scores have been tabulated by the Score Room. Make sure you arrive early. Prior to Closing Ceremonies, up to 10 teams will be able to participate in a special Tournament Day Challenge. Sign-ups take place at the Sales & Registration table. What you will do is a SURPRISE!


  • Western regional: Kuemper Catholic High School is located at 109 S. Clark St. in Carroll. Get directions here: http://tinyurl.com/bxyz8z
  • Upon arrival, the Team Manager should visit the Registration table.
  • Rising Stars volunteers should report to the Registration table to serve their shift. Please arrive early so that you will have enough time to both serve your shift and watch your team perform. Note: Challenge Appraisers will not be able to leave their challenge site to observe teams perform.
  • Teams should arrive about 15 minutes before their scheduled Instant Challenge, and about 20 minutes before their Team Challenge. If the team wishes, one adult Team Manager may accompany the team into Instant Challenge. No other supporters are allowed in the Instant Challenge room.
  • For Challenge D, Private DI, there are three times on the schedule: an Instant Challenge time, a StuDIo arrival time, and a Team Challenge performance time one hour after StuDIo arrival. Supporters may observe the Team Challenge performance, but not the StuDIo activities.
  • For Challenge E, A New Angle, there are three times on the schedule: an Instant Challenge time, a Structure Check-In time, and a Team Challenge performance time one hour after Structure Check-In.

Prop storage:

  • Check the schedule to see where the Prop Storage area is located for your team’s Challenge. Please note that this is NOT a supervised area. Do not leave valuables unattended.

Required paperwork:

  • Teams need to bring one copy of the Declaration of Independence, one copy of the Expense Report (along with photocopies of receipts), and five copies of the Tournament Data Form. Interactive versions of these forms may be found online HERE. In addition, the team should bring a copy of any Team Clarifications they have received. Finally, in case of a medical emergency, the Team Manager should carry on his or her person medical information forms for each team member. A generic form may be found HERE.
  • If you are unsure how to complete paperwork, please refer to Rules of the Road which is part of your program materials. You will also find very helpful information in the TravelGuide for Teams, which is a tournament guide describing site procedures, scoring criteria, awards and much more. To download this handy guide, click HERE.

Emergency kit:

  • Team Managers should take the time during a team meeting to lead the team in a brainstorming discussion about items they may need to repair any part of a challenge solution at the Tournament. Consider both materials and portable tools.
  • Be on the lookout for a special Tournament Day Challenge that will be held at both regional tournaments, just before Closing Ceremonies. To participate in this Challenge, teams need to sign up for the Tournament Day Challenge at the Sales & Registration table. Participation is open to the first 10 teams that sign up. Make sure you pack in your Emergency Kit one or more items produced by 3M, which has been a member of the Destination ImagiNation team for more than 10 years. (This item is essential to your team’s solution of the Tournament Day Challenge!) To find out what products are produced by 3M, visit this site: http://www.mmm.com/.

Reminder about site restrictions:

  • Please note that there is a zero tolerance weapons policy in effect at both regional tournaments. This means that no weapons, real or facsimile, may be brought to the site.
  • The use of dry ice must be pre-approved by the Tournament Director.
  • Helium balloons are allowed as long as appropriate safety precautions are followed, as outlined in Rules of the Road. Helium balloons must remain under control at all times.
  • Lights may not be turned off during any performance. This is a safety issue.
  • If you have questions about site restrictions, contact the Tournament Director, as follows: Western Regional Tournament Director: Mary Koester, makoester@kuemper.org; Eastern Regional Tournament Director: Jay Swords, jswords@prodigy.net

Conduct Concerns

  • During the time that teams are not competing, they need to be accompanied by an adult. Please be aware that classes or other activities may be taking place at the same time teams are there, so it is important to be quiet in the hallways and respectful of other people’s needs.
  • There is no dumping of Challenge materials on the Tournament site unless a team has secured approval. Teams that discard any part of their Challenge solution at the Tournament site may receive an Unsportsmanlike Conduct deduction.

Questions? Contact Judy Nolan at judynolan@aol.com or 515-270-4514.