Register for the 2017 Team Manager and Instant Challenge Workshop

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Register today for the 2017 Team Manager and Instant Challenge Workshop by filling out form here! Why should you register? This valuable training offers you and your team an opportunity to develop

Reminder to Register for Training

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Registration for the first ever combined Team Manager (TM) Training and Instant Challenger workshop closes on Monday, January 11th. This exclusive in-person event is open for Iowa Members and is being

Register for the 2015 Instant Challenger Workshop

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  The Instant Challenger workshop is an in-person training for your team to gain valuable practice and feedback from experienced cre8iowa volunteers.The way it works is that each team is

Preparing your team for Instant Challenge at competition

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As you prepare your teams for the State tournament, consider holding a meeting just for Instant Challenge practice. More than a dozen performance-based, task-based and Rising Stars! Instant Challenges were

Improv 101

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Thinking on your feet is a critical skill to develop. Life coach Gail Blanke said in a 2009 article, “There’s no getting around it. We live in an unscripted world.