Tournament Policies

Policy for Schedule Requests & Withdrawals

The last day for Tournament scheduling requests to be made is 3 weeks before the event.

If you do not notify us by this date, it is your team’s responsibility to contact another team in the same Challenge and Level, and exchange times with them, and to NOTIFY us of the change ahead of time.

Send all special scheduling requests to Make sure you include your team number (112-XXXXX) so that we don’t confuse you with someone else!

If your team withdraws from ANY Tournament, please let us know right away, as this affects the schedule.

Site Restrictions

Please note that there is a zero tolerance weapons policy in effect at all Tournaments. This means that no weapons, real or facsimile, may be brought to the site.

The use of dry ice and other chemicals must be pre-approved by the Tournament Director.

Helium balloons are allowed as long as appropriate safety precautions are followed, as outlined in Rules of the Road. Helium balloons must remain under control at all times.

Glitter that is loose where the flakes must be applied with an adhesive is not allowed. Products that contain glitter, such make-up or paint, are allowed.

Lights may not be turned off during any performance. This is a safety issue.

If you have questions about site restrictions, contact these individuals, as applicable:

Cancellation Policy

Students for a Creative Iowa will not cancel scheduled events, including training workshops and tournaments, unless there is state-wide extreme weather. In the event of a cancellation, cre8iowa will notify its members by posting an announcement at the top front page of the website,


Conduct Concerns

During the time that teams are not competing, they need to be accompanied by an adult. Please be aware that classes or other activities may be taking place at the same time teams are there, so it is important to be quiet in the hallways and respectful of other people’s needs.

There is no dumping of Challenge materials on the Tournament site unless a team has secured approval. Teams that discard any part of their Challenge solution at the Tournament site may receive an Unsportsmanlike Conduct deduction.

All team members and children must have adult supervision.

Appraiser Policies

Each competitive and non-competitive team participating in Challenges A-E and projectOUTREACH® at a cre8iowa-sponsored tournament must provide an individual who will be trained by Students for a Creative Iowa, to represent the team as a Challenge Appraiser at the Destination Imagination® tournaments in Iowa. This ensures that all teams have an adequate number of well-trained Appraisers to watch, enjoy, and award points for team performances at each tournament. Please note that the team’s Appraiser is NOT allowed to leave the assigned Challenge site to watch the appraiser’s represented team perform.

Each Appraiser must be trained each year regardless of prior experience.

Each Appraiser makes a three-day time commitment to spend one full day of training on one of three different Saturdays in January or February (Appraiser’s choice of dates), one full Saturday at the Sub-state tournament, and one full Saturday at the Iowa State tournament in Ames.

For the team to perform at the Sub-state and State tournaments, the trained Challenge Appraiser for that team must appraise at both tournaments.

A team’s trained Challenge Appraiser must have appraised at both the Sub-state and State tournaments for that team to compete at the Destination Imagination® Global Finals (if the team qualifies). The trained Iowa Appraisers will NOT be required to appraise at Global Finals.

If a team has only one Team Manager, he or she may not also be the team’s Appraiser or Volunteer since teams are not allowed to be at Tournament without adult supervision.

Related Appraisers may not serve on the same Appraisal team together.

Current cre8iowa Challenge Masters may not represent a competitive team.

Qualifying for Destination Imagination Global Finals

Iowa teams can advance to the Destination Imagination Global Finals by being certified as “Globals-ready” by the Affiliate Director (AD). The AD considers several factors when certifying a team. A team that competes in a Challenge and Level with three or more other teams and who ranks 1st at the Affiliate or state tournament will typically advance based on competitive distinction. The AD will also consider teams based on merit, especially teams who compete in a Challenge and Level with fewer than 3 teams. Merit is assessed by the Challenge Master(s), Tournament Officials, and Appraisers based on the quality of the team’s solution, sportsman-like conduct, and desire to advance. The AD may also speak with a Team Manager and/or the team to further evaluate these factors. In addition, the Iowa Affiliate will evaluate how the team completes “The Creative Process” section of its Tournament Data Form. Please encourage your teams to take seriously this part of their tournament paperwork. You will find more information about “The Creative Process” HERE.

Please contact us,, if you have any questions or concerns.

By my participation in an event conducted by an Affiliate, Region or other gathering related to the Destination Imagination program, the participant or participant’s parents or participant’s guardian understands and hereby voluntarily agrees to release, waive, forever discharge, hold harmless, defend and indemnify Destination Imagination Inc., and their agents, officers, boards, volunteers, and employees from any and all liability and all claims, actions, or losses for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services , or otherwise which may arise out of the participant’s participation in activities related to the Destination Imagination event, including travel to and from the event.