Sub-state tournament reminders and tips

Feb/22 By

With the Sub-state tournament just around the corner, you may find this post, filled with reminders and tips, helpful to print and take with you to tournament. We look forward

Preparing your team for Instant Challenge at competition

Mar/17 By

As you prepare your teams for the State tournament, consider holding a meeting just for Instant Challenge practice. More than a dozen performance-based, task-based and Rising Stars! Instant Challenges were

Preparing for the next tournament & understanding your scores

Mar/11 By

With the Sub-state tournament behind you and the State tournament ahead of you, how can your team get as much information about its scores as possible so that it can

Sub-state tournament schedule & reminders

Feb/23 By

The Sub-state tournament schedule is now available for viewing. Please note that the deadline for special schedule requests has passed. If a special situation arises between now and the Sub-state

Pin & T-Shirt DIsign Contest for 2014-15 season begins NOW

Feb/4 By

Students for a Creative Iowa invites anyone affiliated with Students for a Creative Iowa to submit pin and T-shirt design entries to the state Board. By “affiliated,” we mean student