Check out the testimonials from a few of the 1.5 million Destination Imagination® (DI) alumni in Alumni Stories!

Below are a few testimonials from Iowa’s DI alumni.

  • “The greatest thing I have learned from DI is an appreciation for creativity and how things work. I now have a great respect for engineers because I know how much planning and hard work go into even the smallest of things. I know how easy it is to get an idea and see it clearly in your head, and I know how much harder it is to actually do it. However, anything is possible if you take that extra step and work for it. I have learned the importance of planning and organizing. DI has also taught me basic skills such as sewing and tool handling. Working with others has taught me teamwork. I know how to write and perform plays as well as make them up on the spot. I see ordinary things in a whole new way and I know how to apply all these skills to make things work and solve problems creatively.”—Erin Peeler, Indianola High School, 2007 Students for a Creative Iowa Student Scholarship recipient
  • “There is a quote I understand more and more after every Destination Imagination practice I attend: There is no I in team. DI stresses the importance of teamwork, but I don’t think everyone realizes just how important it is for every aspect of Destination ImagiNation. Our DI team has many talented individuals, but I truly believe we could not have accomplished what we have without teamwork.”—Marissa Paulsen, Carroll High School, 2009 Students for a Creative Iowa Student Scholarship recipient
  • “I have learned that if you believe in yourself you can do just about anything. I have learned in disappointment you can find happiness and that in success you can still have your heart broken. I have learned to be confident in front of people. I have learned the importance of being balanced in my approach to challenges that life deals me. But most of all, I have to enjoy the journey and appreciate the little moments that life gives all of us.”—Hannah Smith, Carroll High School, 2009 Kitch-Eilerts Memorial Scholarship recipient
  • “In Destination Imagination I learned to think critically for the first time in my life . . . In DI I was presented with challenges that were hard for me, but fun because it was one of the first activities that ever engaged my mind.”—Mary Emily Berge, Indianola High School, 2010 Students for a Creative Iowa Student Scholarship recipient
  • “It makes me feel good that I can make a difference in my community. I am very grateful that my family helped me get involved and start doing community service activities. I have gained a new perspective on the way people and animals live that are less fortunate than I am.”—Stephanie Choquette, Eagle Grove High School, 2010 Kitch-Eilerts Memorial Scholarship recipient
  • “Twelve years is a pattern that is difficult to end, but I’m so glad I participated while I could. My team(s) had their ups and downs through the years, but I won’t forget our fun memories and the creative and teamwork skills I’ve learned along the way. I wish more schools would see the potential in this activity, as it has done wonders in my life.”—Tessa Brow, Abraham Lincoln High School
  • “I’ve learned a lot from my experiences in Destination Imagination. I learned to come up with many different and unique approaches to solving problems. Destination Imagination taught me to not only think outside the box, but to come up with solutions that are so far out of the box I cannot even see the box anymore. Destination Imagination also helped me to think quick on my feet and work well with others to combine all our ideas to make a successful end product. Destination Imagination improves quick thinking, creativity, leadership, problem solving skills, teamwork and sportsmanship.”—Kristyn Leinen, Denison Community High School
  • “Though my teams didn’t win much, I learned a lot about time management (accomplishing what needed to be accomplished in available practice and presentation time), money management (buying props and materials), basic set design (how to make a refrigerator box stand up by itself) and, of course, creative problem solving. I think that winning wouldn’t have taught me these skills; through trial and error of different methods, I found solutions that worked for me.”—Hannah Kane, Davenport West High School