2011 State Tournament results

Posted by on April 10, 2011

Global Finals qualifiers

Congratulations to all of our teams for their fabulous performances at the State Tournament! You amazed us with your creativity, problem-solving and teamwork. The following teams have qualified to advance to Global Finals on May 25-28, 2011 at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville:

Challenge A: Unidentified Moving Object

  • Elementary Level, Team 112-30173, Meeker Elementary, Ames
  • Middle Level, Team 112-17864, Ames Middle School Team A, Ames Middle School, Ames
  • Secondary Level, Team 112-58797, The Laser Tag Team, Maple Valley Anthon Oto CSD, Mapleton

Challenge B: Spinning a Tale

  • Middle Level, Team 112-36521, Wishing for Whiskers, Maharishi School Gold, Fairfield

Challenge C: Triple Take Road Show

  • Elementary Level, Team 112-87904, Western Hills Elementary 4th Grade, West Des Moines
  • Middle Level, Team 112-75532, The Terrible Tasting, Tater Tot Eating, Glow Worms that Petrified Planet Panera, Maharishi School Gold, Fairfield
  • Secondary Level, Team 112-17235, Pompeii Didn’t Stand a Chance, Maharishi School Gold, Fairfield

Challenge D: Mission Mythology

  • Elementary Level, Team 112-25479, The C-ville Einsteins, Centerville TAG Program, Centerville
  • Middle Level, Team 112-73368, Awesome-Possum Team of Improv, Grinnell Middle School, Grinnell
  • Secondary Level, 112-27725, Dingbatz, Valley, West Des Moines

Challenge E: Verses! Foiled Again!

  • Elementary Level, Team 112-96674, The DI Pods, Maharishi School Green, Fairfield
  • Middle Level, Team 112-87657, Taco Eating Zebras, Villisca Community School, Villisca
  • Secondary Level, Team 112-19853, ROFLCOPTER Really Stupid I don’t know I kind of like it, I kind of like it, Denison

projectOUTREACH: Dynamic Networks

  • Middle Level, Team 112-90121, Ames Middle School Project Outreach, Ames Middle School, Ames
  • Middle Level, Team 112-49939, Mambas, Grinnell Middle School, Grinnell
  • Secondary Level, Team 112-27122, Chucky the Whirled Mouse, Maharishi School Gold, Fairfield

Complete competition results may be found HERE.

Scholarship winner

Congratulations to Jacob Stolley from Davenport West High School who received a $500 Students for a Creative Iowa Student Scholarship. Jacob, a four-year Destination ImagiNation® participant, plans to attend the University of Tennesse-Martin this fall, and plans to study natural resources management with an emphasis in wildlife biology and fisheries.

Jacob says that the Destination ImagiNation program has helped him become more outgoing and to have more confidence in front of a big crowd. “Teamwork,” he adds, “is the biggest and most important skill that Destination ImagiNation has taught me. Working with a group of people ranging in age from 15 to 18 years old definitely taught me to respect opinions based on past experience. In Destination ImagiNation the only way that a team will succeed is if they can work together and build off each other’s ideas. This skill can be very helpful in the work place because companies are looking for people who work well in teams. They must be able to formulate their own ideas as well as build off others’ to come together in one large plan to benefit the company.”

Jacob also feels that the Destination ImagiNation® program has taught him creative ways to solve problems, as well as the value of library research.

We wish Jacob the best in his future plans.


Thank you also to all of the individuals and groups that helped to make this competition season possible. In addition to all of the Team Managers, Coordinators, Appraisers, Challenge Masters, parents, workshop facilitators and other volunteers, we want to extend a special thanks to the following:

  • Panera Bread for discounting the cost of Appraiser lunches at the Sub-state and State Tournaments
  • Coralville Hy-Vee for donation of grocery bags
  • Alpha Copies & Print Center for the discount on photocopying for paperwork and certificates
  • Doyle Forster and the folks from Chartwells who provided food service for the State Tournament
  • American Legion of Iowa Foundation for medals, award plaques, and training workshops
  • Cyber-Anatomy for providing free printing of the Instant Challenger materials
  • Iowa Energy Center for free use of facilities for Board meetings
  • Ames Middle School for hosting our Tournaments and free use of the facilities
  • Kristie Rysdam for donating a printer
  • Everyone who donated to the Students for a Creative Iowa Student Scholarship and the Kitch-Eilerts Memorial Scholarship funds