Aug 262014

Welcome to the 2014-15 season! Students for a Creative Iowa is proud to have selected the Destination Imagination® program to serve the needs of Iowa students for the season. We can’t wait to see all the solutions that teams can create to this year’s fun Challenges!

We are excited to share that Destination Imagination Inc has reduced the cost of Challenge Program Team Numbers (formerly Team Packs). The initial Team Number is $95 with any additional Team Numbers available for $80 each. We are excited to pass these savings to our members and so Iowa Membership prices will remain the same for this season. For more information about cost, look at 2014-15 Iowa DI Participation Costs handout. If you are ready to purchase go to the DI Shop to get your Team Numbers today!

Whether you are a veteran or a new Team Manager, please check out our Document Library and our Recruiting Kit pages. There is a plethora of good information including handouts, activities, and educator resources.


Good luck with the new season!

May 302014


CONGRATULATIONS to the thirteen teams that represented Iowa at the 2014 Destination Imagination Global Finals! This year’s Global Finals competition was the biggest yet with 1412 teams participating from all over the world. We couldn’t be more proud of our Iowa students. Check out pictures from the event HERE. You should see many familiar faces!

See the results for the Iowa Teams below and for complete results visit GF14 Results.

Team # Organization Team Name Challenge Level Place
112-53394 Maharishi School Gold How about no! A: Dig In SL 25th
112-34907 Independent – Hopewell Elementary, Bettendorf, IA The Lightbulbs B: Going to Extremes EL 38th
112-07734 Centerville TAG Program Creative Pancakes B: Going to Extremes ML 49th
112-07542 Maharishi School Gold Thermally Produced Disembodied Intelligences B: Going to Extremes SL 17th
112-30200 St. Mary’s Kidz Benzi and the Posse C: Laugh Art Loud ML 54th
112-22255 Maharishi School Gold Oh, the iron knee. C: Laugh Art Loud SL 8th
112-59167 Maharishi School Gold A freak among the falcons C: Laugh Art Loud SL 18th
112-29268 Taylor Elementary Taylor Elementary D: Pandemonium! EL 58th
112-31292 Davenport Community Schools Sudlow F D: Pandemonium! ML 55th
112-51964 Maharishi School Gold The group squad D: Pandemonium! SL 12th
112-83703 Maharishi School Gold What’s for Dinner? E: The Tension Builds EL 37th
112-36488 Southwest Valley Middle School SWiVa Studz E: The Tension Builds ML 60th
112-07188 Grinnell-Newburg Community SD Choco Looners pO: Pitch & Play ML 29th
Apr 112014

The Students for a Creative Iowa Board of Directors wants to thank all the teams that participated in the Iowa Destination Imagination program this season! We are very proud to have 13 teams representing Iowa at the 2014 Global Finals event in Knoxville TN on May 21-24th. If you missed downloading competition results, visit the Competition Results page.

Update 5.8.14: Check out the press release 2014 Global Finals Kick Off

Watch the below video to get a small taste of what our teams will be experiencing in May!

Mar 172014

As you prepare your teams for the State tournament, consider holding a meeting just for Instant Challenge practice. More than a dozen performance-based, task-based and Rising Stars! Instant Challenges were recently added to cre8iowa’s Instant Challenge Library. If you have not visited it recently, the new ones are identified with the word NEW! after them.

The Instant Challenges in our library were written, for the most part, for an intermediate level of difficulty. You can increase the difficulty of most Instant Challenges by:

  • swapping out the materials
  • decreasing the number of materials
  • decreasing the amount of time
  • adding another requirement or step
  • making the Challenge non-verbal

Check the “Notes to the Appraisers” section in an Instant Challenge for suggestions on how to make the Challenge more difficult. You can also make an Instant Challenge easier for your team by:

  • swapping out the materials
  • increasing the number of materials
  • increasing the amount of time
  • removing a requirement or step
  • changing a non-verbal requirement to verbal

Whether you use the Instant Challenges as written or revise its level of difficulty, make sure you practice multiple types of Instant Challenges, task-based, performance-based, or combination. There is no way to predict which type of Instant Challenge your team will receive at competition.

Why the emphasis on Instant Challenge? The best teams frequently cluster at the top of the scoring range for Central Challenge. A great Instant Challenge score can make a difference, advancing your team’s placement at tournament.

Team Managers can help their teams prepare for Instant Challenge at tournament by encouraging them to think like an Appraiser. What does that mean?
  • Appraisers look for an impromptu solution that showcases teamwork, demonstrates creative problem solving, and is presented as a performance and/or some form of materials manipulation.
  • Appraisers appreciate a team’s collective creative thinking, which they observe through the team’s use of many, varied, and unusual or original possibilities, and their use of details to expand or enrich those possibilities while they brainstorm their solution.
  • Successful teams go with the FFLOE: Fluency (they quickly think of many possibilities); FLexibility (varied possibilities), Originality (unusual/original possibilities), and Elaboration (use of details to expand or enrich possibilities).
  • Successful teams are good managers of time, materials, and details.  They incorporate a Plan B.  They are effective decision-makers.  They communicate well with each other.

All of this takes time and practice. If your team has not practiced Instant Challenge over the entire season, it is difficult to build a library of experiences out of thin air. A library of experiences gives your team a pool of possibilities from which they can draw, extrapolate, modify, enhance and invent.  Appraisers can definitely tell which teams have practiced Instant Challenge.

The most successful teams, however, have fun while they are solving an Instant Challenge, which puts not only team members at ease, but also the Appraisers. Appraisers want to have fun, too.

Remember:  Nothing is impossible!  Anything is possible! Good luck with your Instant Challenge at tournament.